Flying at night or in weather presents many challenges for the pilot. Thermal imaging presents a solution to that problem and creates an Enhanced Vision System (EVS). The HUD provides a way to “see” that view. EVS provides daylight vision in darkness, poor visibility, smoke, haze, smog, dust, and light fog.

The view ahead can be displayed on the HUD screen for the pilot to view. HUD graphics can be overlaid onto the image to create a combined image ahead.

Using critical flight information from primary flight instruments displayed on the HUD, AeroDisplay technology can reduce pilot workload, improve safety and mission efficiencies all while allowing the pilot to focus outside the aircraft. In addition to aircraft systems information, the Enhanced Vision System capability will also integrate the Astronics Max-Viz Enhanced Vision System (EVS) thermal imaging into the HUD allowing for safer day and night operations and allow the pilot to see through smoke, light rain and light fog. The AeroDisplay system can be integrated with any thermal imaging system making it perfect for Fire Fighting, Law Enforcement and Search and Rescue applications.

Operational Capabilities

  • Safer Take-offs: Rotate exactly at the correct speed for maximum obstacle clearance and runway remaining
  • Smother Hand Flying: Maintain precision flight by looking outside and seeing position information simultaneously.
  • Minimize Loss of Control: Alignment of critical flight information with pilots’ outside view adding situational awareness.
  • Viewable in Smoke: provides avionics visibility in smoke-impaired cockpit.
  • More Comfortable Flight: No spatial disorientation/discomfort from up and down head movements between panel and outside view.
  • Targets: Greater accuracy and limits environmental impacts (99% on target).

Technical Details

  • First & only HUD for general and business aviation (Part 23) aircraft to display critical flight guidance information from certified data in the existing avionics on the aircraft. FAA certified June 2021
  • Small/Light – HUD will fit in most aircraft, simplifies installation, approximately 1 pound. Smallest in the industry.
  • Crisp, clear and bright symbology on the display – very easy to read
  • Forgiving eye box – pilots of all sizes are able to view the display. Makes for easier installation and viewability.
  • Open – data bus tie-in utilizing existing certified data which further reduces cost, accurate/same information pilot sees
  • Integrated – Aircraft Interface Device (AID), Head Up Display & HUD Software
  • Low-cost – ties into existing avionics information requires no additional sensors
  • Capable – designed to improve pilot operations during all critical phases of flight & taxi
  • FAA flown extensively to determine airworthiness
  • Patent Protected: US Patent #10453201

**Aero Brigham is an authorized dealer/installer for Astronics. Max Viz camera can be integrated into AeroDisplay HUD for IR operations.

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