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AeroBrigham integrates Garmin GI 275 technology

North Texas based aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) provider, AeroBrigham has announced the recent installation of the newly released Garmin GI 275 electronic instrumentation into the Air Tractor Fire Boss AT802A/B amphibious scooper air tanker. The integration of the new technology will result in improved safety, reliability, and reduced pilot workload. Specifically, the new electronic ADI and HSI can remain fully functional during abrupt maneuvering or significant aircraft attitude changes that can uncage competitor equipment. This is a result of the air data, attitude, and heading reference system (ADAHRS) driven display that replaces the antiquated mechanical attitude indicator, with no instrument panel face modification required. An integrated one-hour battery backup is also standard.

Additional benefits of this technology include multifunction display capability for traffic mapping, weather, terrain and more. Cockpit connectivity can also be accomplished through WiFi® and Bluetooth® technology.

AeroBrigham is scheduled to provide the Garmin GI 275 updates for several Air Tractor Fire Boss airframes this year at their facility in Decatur, Texas just north of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex.

AeroBrigham is also integrating a comprehensive heads up display (HUD) for the Fire Boss series amphibious scooper air tanker. This capability utilizes selectable Flight data and information such as thermal imaging that can be presented on the HUD.

For further information, please contact the AeroBrigham Business Development Representative, Chris Pugnetti at (469) 888 9405 or